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Welcome to Aikido Nottingham

Welcome to Aikido Nottingham. We aim to enhance confidence and fitness levels in individuals by
delivering Aikido instruction with integrity, in a positive, safe, fun and non-threatening environment.

The non-competitive and non-aggressive curriculum has been designed to develop secure and
healthy individuals, build mind and body coordination, conflict resolution and self-protection skills, via
the techniques and ways of Aikido in small class settings.

Our style is soft but effective. The emphasis is on the priciples behind aikido as well as the techniques.
Learning how and why techiques work is important. the martial side of aikido is taught in harmony
with the artistic side.

We invite you to visit us at any time. you are welcome to join in or watch if you prefer.

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Sankenkan is the only club in the Nottingham area that is recognised by the World Aikikai
Headquarters in Tokyo. It is affiliated to the Kyushinkan house of the United Kingdom Aikikai (UKA)
and the Joint Aikikai Council (JAC). All black belts (dan grades) are internationally recognised.
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